BetterHelp was introduced in 2013 and since then it has earned the reputation of being one of the leaders in the industry of online counseling. Till date, BetterHelp provides its clients with more than 2000 America-based licensed therapists who are all certified to offer help. However, if you measure their popularity but their size, you’ll be mistaken as there are more than 1,000,000 people who are utilizing their platform. Their excellence in usability and personalization besides the privacy and anonymity that they show is extraordinary.


A little bit on the company profile of BetterHelp

Within the initial 2 years after the company experienced unprecedented growth, they were acquired by another company called Teladoc, which is the biggest telehealth provider in the nation. Now that Teladoc acquired BetterHelp, there were numerous employees and the resources of Teladoc were also there as a back-up. It is this way that BetterHelp is able to focus on making their online counseling platform one of the best in the entire area. They have even begun leveraging technology to meet the predictions and expectations of the consumers of the current generation.


What is the process of signing up?

In case your main concern is usability, you shouldn’t look any further but sign up with BetterHelp. This is designed as one of the most intuitive platforms which have been tested so far. If you’re a starter who is going to get counseling for the first time, you have to sign up for the account. You don’t require using your real name as you can hide this by taking some other credentials. Once you’re done with registration, you have to complete a questionnaire where you will be asked multiple-choice questions so that the company gets to know about your problems and your requirements.

Once they get to know about your choices and your issues, they will pair you with a therapist who will be specializing in the field you’re suffering from. For instance, if you have a problem of depression, the therapist must be specializing in the field of depression. Chats might not be done real-time always but the counselors will always put in extra efforts to give you reply as soon as you can. You can also opt for live chats with the therapists through the phone or video or desktop app.

Therefore, when you’re eager to get help for the mental health issue that you’re facing, you should get help of BetterHelp to reap the above mentioned benefits. However check out a BetterHelp expert and customer reviews before taking the plunge.

Review of BetterHelp – What made them the biggest online counseling platform?